1. Risdon Iron Works - San Francisco, CA

    Bird's-Eye View of the Risdon Iron and Locomotive Works, Potrero, San Francisco.

    The main shops and the shipbuilding plant of the Risdon Iron Works are located on the water I frcnt of the Potrero, between JL Nineteenth and Twenty - second streets.

    The property consists of thirty-two acres, lying between Georgia street and the shore line, which is here nominally Massachusetts street, and includes • the former site of the Pacific Rolling Mills. The main entrance is at Twentieth and Louisiana streets, four blocks east of Kentucky street, on which is the nearest electric-car line. The main line of the Southern Pacific Railway's bay shore extension is three blocks from the entrance on Illinois street. From this a spur runs down Twentieth street through the main gateway, which is forty feet wide, and there spreads out fan shaped into four branches. All these tracks are interconnected by curves of 150 feet radius, allowing a choice of two or three routes from almost any point t

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  2. Shipwreck Gold Coins...

    Brother Jonathan was a paddle steamer that struck an uncharted rock near Point St. George, off the coast of Crescent City, California, on July 30, 1865. The ship was carrying 244 passengers and crew, with a large shipment of gold. Only 19 people survived, making it the deadliest shipwreck up to that time on the Pacific Coast of the United States. Based on the passenger and crew list, 225 people are believed to have died. Its location was not discovered until 1993 and a portion of the gold was recovered in 1996.

    On its last voyage, the ship had been heavily loaded and according to DeWolf's widow, he felt that the ship sat too low in the water, even without the passengers, but he was told that if he did not set sail, he would be fired and replaced by someone else. When it came time to depart, the bottom of the ship had sunk into the mud and they had to wait until high tide for a tugboat to pull her out.

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